A family business
for family homes.

Acustruct is the name behind a wide range of custom-build homes and townhouse projects across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. While the scale and style of our projects may vary, we’re proud to be known for the attention to detail of our designs and the exceptional quality of all of our builds.

Driven by a passion for architecture and design, Acustruct was co-founded by Danny and Nancy Italiano to deliver not only homes of real value, but also an end-to-end process which is effortless for our clients. The long experience we bring from the industry means we are able to offer efficiencies in cost without sacrificing on quality or meticulous detail, as well as ensuring the budget and timeframe is set from the beginning.

Our fully qualified team is here with you at every stage. With Acustruct, you’ll experience sound advice, straightforward communication and professional advice – all ultimately delivering more value for money. We liaise very closely with our associates and trusted contractors, including architects and interior designers, so you can be sure your dream home meets your exact vision.

Our quality commitment.

Every Acustruct home is subject to rigorous quality checking process at key stages of the build process. Every home is managed and controlled by our trained staff members to ensure they are delivered with consistent and exacting standards each time. To support our quality process, a building surveyor is also contracted to ensure an extra set of eyes assess the project.

Acustruct Team.

Danny Italiano

Director | DBU / CBL

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Danny Italiano is co-founder and principal builder at Acustruct. Danny and his team provide ethical, quality custom homes and project developments. With extensive knowledge of concrete, site works and engineering. He prides himself on being proactive, providing his team and clients new and innovative builds.

Danny has a modest and conservative approach to life, he loves what he doses and has extreme pride in every build. Friendly and dedicated; empowering clients to set their style, helping them to make lasting classic materiality selection alternatives that may reduce the cost of construction and the overall process while maintaining the integrity of the build.

When Danny isn’t working, he enjoys running, fishing and watching the MotoGP. He is a Carlton supporter and prefers a medium macchiato with extra milk (on the side).

Nancy Italiano

Creative Design Director

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“Acustruct is all about being innovative, fun, and fresh.” (Nancy Italiano)

Nancy brings a vibrant energy to everyone of her designs, whether it is a custom home or multi residential. She has an unstoppable nature in producing a high quality of work, creating design that clients are proud to call home.

Nancy is passionate, inspired and has considered approach with every design. With her former career in fashion design, Nancy bring a flare of elegance to every design. Nancy’s eye for colour and extensive knowledge of trends is what makes Acustruct’s homes a standout.

“Its is all about empowering clients” (Nancy); using social media to show and educate clients on the process, stages of build and design trends, this is just one of the many way Nancy and the team at Acustruct are open, friendly and fun to build with.

Nancy enjoys reading, drawing, listening to Matchbox Twenty and George Michael. Nancy also loves hanging out with friends and family, barracks for the blues and drinks quite a few strong lattes in one day.

Steven Smith

Project Manager

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Stevens’ commitment to the industry in the past 20 years was the culmination of a bunch of related passions within the building industry.

His incredibly broad knowledge in residential and commercial construction enables him as a fully qualified carpenter to encompass everything for the built environment through to the success of planning and forecasting entire project developments. His knowledge of product material and the like enable him to make direction with slight ease.

His easy-going personality combined with a mature level-minded outlook, allows Steven to approach his day to day with direction. Admired from afar by many, and delight to have amongst the team.

Steven’s personal engagement towards our clients is one of respect and multidisciplinary. Steven an overall sports enthusiast supports the bombers, enjoys the spring racing carnival and spending time with his young family. He enjoys a strong latte.

Nina Wang

Office Manager

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Nina has a degree in accounting; marketing and commerce management has worked abroad for a large fashion house and has also an unwittingly infectious personality.

Her casual approach to her daily schedule is something most of us internally admire. Nina is super efficient and extremely diligent.

Her assistance to the team is second to none. Allowing herself to become personally invested to each team member and their needs demonstrates her commitment to her role. Her hands on approach have enabled her direction toward assisting our past and present clients with an ease of excellence. She has a holistic approach to translating brands and ideas into places and experiences.

While she is super serious towards her role, Nina never takes herself too seriously, she loves spending time outdoors and regularly visits the 1000 steps Dandenong.

Nina drinks a lot of warm water, has an enthusiastic approach to all cultures of the world and politics. Her favourite colours are black and white, hence why in her time at Acustruct has decided upon Collingwood being her team of choice. On the odd occasion, Nina will enjoy a latte.

James Collins

Senior Leading Hand / Supervisor

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We engaged James as a senior leading hand to assist us in a series of custom home builds and development’s. As one of the youngest on the team, his streamlined approach, creative mind, is incredibly valuable to the way we operate.

As a qualified carpenter, this was a crucial element to the sound understanding of the level of construction and development James covers on a daily basis. His wise decision-making has become an asset towards the growth of the business.

Motivation comes naturally to James, with a great enthusiasm towards life and himself. With a natural ability to detail and meeting deadlines has become one of his major strengths.

James enjoys a latte, a lover of food and enjoys a kick of the footy. In his down time, James, focuses on working on his personal home and gardening.

Sandra Loccisano

Qualified Bookkeeper / BAS Agent

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Sandra has been apart of the Acustruct team for over 8 years. Having one of the more serious roles within the business, her excitement towards new homes and interiors is inspirational.

Allowing herself to have a sound understanding of all the stages of a build and the processes involved enables Sandra to accurately work amongst the abundance of reconciliations and purchase orders at any one time. With a strong disciplinary approach to her work at the high level and constantly training her mind to better herself, Sandra is a valuable asset to the Acustruct team.

Her qualification as a registered BAS agent also enables Acustruct to be amongst the very best within in their respected fields and ensuring the flow of all financial matters is always up to date and adhered too. Whilst working for Acustruct we have developed a strong friendship and working relationship, with many shared values both personally and professionally.

Sandra loves travelling, has a multitude of frequent flyer points and enjoys listening to music. Sandra originally from Mildura, radiates a level-minded outlook to life with a tasteful array of fashion. Sandra enjoys drinking cappuccinos.

Rino Busco


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The opportunity to align ourselves with an individual with over 25 years experience within the timber industry was something we feel very privileged about.

Rino aka Christopher has a wealth of knowledge in most timber species, and also previously owning his own timber flooring company, oozes a level of expertise and a sound understanding towards our homes.

His countless passion combined with his industry experience enables Rino to source and work on all areas of the estimation process with ease. His assistance towards costing projects at all levels enables the success of Acustruct to be apart of many challenging rewarding projects.

Affiliating himself with past and present professional associates allows him to continue a steady growth in project documentation in an industry that is constantly fluctuating. Rino enjoys a short macchiato, and is an avid soccer supporter. On weekly basis he enjoys playing indoor soccer with his mates and is an overall lover of all sports.

Darrell Anderson

Builders Labourer

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Darrell spends most of his days out onsite at any one of our homes.

His office is your home. He gets to be apart of all the stages of the builds. His easy-going personality assists when the weather is not so tolerant to when the weather is heating up. For the past ten years he has worked within the concrete industry and prior to this, was in the printing industry.

He is at the forefront of all the stages of the builds, while he is super efficient within his role, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and always making it a team effort.

Willing and able, without a second to spare, he commits himself towards his role and the direction of the build. Always going above and beyond, the respect he displays for himself is something we are quite proud of as our face of the business when we cannot be there.

His hobbies outside of work include camping and gold detecting, follows Liverpool in the EPL and watching the All Blacks. Darrell also follows North Melbourne. Darrell drinks cappuccinos.