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Specialising in building luxury homes in Eltham.

At Acustruct, we are known for delivering bespoke, luxury homes to the Eltham area. Based in Eltham, we understand the local area and its unique beauty. From sloping block to acreage home designs, we believe to create the perfect home you need to understand the aesthetics and feel of the area. 

Our team are passionate about offering custom design and construct services. We provide end-to-end Eltham building services, offering a seamless and effortless building process. We collaborate with you to understand what your dream home is and work to deliver it to you on time and on budget. 

Acustruct is a family business for family homes. We are known for our wide range of custom-build homes and townhouse projects, that boast superior craftsmanship and high-end results. Our team are committed to displaying meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality in all our builds.

A bespoke home in the heart of Eltham.

Being an Eltham builder, we understand the intricacies of the Eltham area and it being a green wedge. We can help craft a beautiful residential home that fits amongst the lush, green area. While the scale and style of each of our projects may be different, the quality and exceptional craftsmanship remain the same. 

At Acustruct, we are proud to have an expert team supporting our clients. From creating the perfect custom design for your unique lifestyle to a construction team that prides itself on its luxury craftsmanship, we have built an unrivalled selection of premium building services. 

We take pride in our strong and long-lasting relationships with our contractors. At Acustruct, we only work with contractors that align with our values of quality, integrity, and honesty. Offering exceptional services, you can trust us and our team of contractors to deliver outstanding end results and the perfect home.

An Eltham builder you can rely on.

As an Eltham builder, we have extensive experience in providing custom-build homes to the Eltham area. Our passion is in helping families create a home that’s perfect for them and their unique requirements. From architecture and interior design to construction, we can offer expert advice and guidance throughout all stages of the building process. We love bringing your vision to life.

Delivering Eltham custom homes that inspire.

Our industry experience and specialist knowledge mean we can work on a variety of homes in Eltham. Our Eltham building team can craft the perfect home for your lifestyle. Our residential building services include:

  • Custom-build homes
  • Knockdown rebuilds
  • Design to construct
  • Luxury homes
  • Sloping blocks
  • Acreage home designs. 

With our meticulous attention to detail and passion for home design, we are committed to delivering exceptional end results to all our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure your dream home meets your exact vision.

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